Project Management

Project Managers



From the very beginning, ImProvia has been active in the successful management of complex technical projects. The Project Managers of ImProvia have technical knowledge and project management capabilities that do matter. In combination with a good set of soft skills and a high dosis of EQ, our Project Managers have the qualities to make complex projects with many stakeholders and requirements successful. ImProvia has several Project Managers available that you can engage to manage your projects.

Engineering & Consultancy


  • Stakeholder management
  • Safety management
  • Quality management
  • Cost control

  • Time & planning
  • Business case development & execution
  • Soft skills
  • Helicopter view
  • Multi-level communication skills

Project Engineering


Food, Feed & Agro

Machine building

Product Handling

For years, ImProvia has developed a broad knowledge and expertise in engineering in the industry. Our engineers have a specialist knowledge in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and software engineering, which can be applied for all kinds of projects. From specialist machines and systems to large installations for the oil and gas industry, ImProvia has gained knowledge and experience in many industries. With the knowledge of our engineers, we offer solutions for engineering issues at clients, which we solve on a project base.

Engineering & Consultancy


  • Technical installations
  • Systems engineering
  • Technical automation
  • Product development

  • Concept studies
  • Process engineering
  • Machine development

Our approach

Hiring ImProvia’s technical specialists not only solves capacity or knowledge issues. With the deployment of one or more ImProvians you receive technical expertise, gained in a wide range of sectors, and the ability of the professionals to analyse issues from a different perspective.

We offer our services from one of our offices (in-house) or at your location (external). To meet your preferences. If necessary, ImProvia offers an addition to your internal engineering capacity, whereby scaling up is easy to achieve and it allows you to create flexibility without permanently burdening your budget.

We are keen to talk about your next succes.